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Ellena is a service developed by the TRAP-RCUB team. Each repository developed by TRAP-RCUB is supplied with an independent instance of Ellena. The source code is not open and the service is avaiable to repository managers (log in is required) from the institutions having a TRAP-RCUB repository.

Ellena enables:

  • metadata normalization (esp. names, funding information, etc.);
  • massive metadata corrections;
  • assigning ORCID iDs;
  • metadata import.

Ellena has the following modules:

  • Metadata Editor displays all the metadata from the repository. Users can browse, sort, and search the metadata from the entire repository or from individual collections and communities. They can also limit their search to selected metadata fields. The values in metadata fields can be edited in Ellena. Once saved, the changes will be reflected in the repository. When submitting an item to the repository, personal names are automatically assigned a unique key – a random alphanumeric string, which can be replaced in Ellena with an ORCID iD, if available. If the appropriate ORCID iD is not available, the assigned key can be normalized to group all occurences of the same person, thereby improving the browse and search functionalities in the repository. It is also possible to create normalization templates to be applied to a selected set of items (instead of changing the value in each individual field manually).
  • Multiload enables metadata import from CrossRef and Dissem.in, as well as in the EndNote XML and RIS formats. Metadata records from other repositories develped by TRAP-RCUB can ce cloned using DSpace Replicator. CrossRef and Dissem.in import and DSpace replicator support the ingestion of individual records, while EndNote XML and RIS import can be used to ingest multiple metadata records. The imported metadata are not ingested directy into the repository - they are displayed in Ellena, enabling the repository manager to check and edit the metadata, and to add the missing information. Data files cannot be added through Ellena. They must be added to the record once it is imported in the repository.
  • Administration section, including a user management panel and a Dashboard, enabling repository managers to restart services in case of malfunction. The user management panel offers a list of all users registered in the repository, enabling the repository manager to appoint additional users of Ellena, if required - e.g. community or collection managers, who will be able to change/correct and/or import metadata in Ellena.