RCUB provides a 24 hour operator on duty, 7 days a week in order to maintain a permanent operability of the Internet connection and communication services for faculties of the University of Belgrade, and other institutions connected to RCUB/AMRES, as well as for individual users.

For network and connection issues:

Phones: +381 11 303 1257; +381 11 303 1258

Fax: +381 11 303 1259


Address: 7, Kumanovska street, 126119 Beograd

In case you encounter issues related to the operation your repository, contact you local repository manager (at your institution) or the TRAP-RCUB team: (repositories: IPIR, RiVeC, InTor, RFPN, rFASPER, Gery, MACHINERY, TechnoRep, REFF, RFOS, RIOFH) (repositories: Veterinar, SMILE, FarFar, AgroSpace, Rhinosec) (repositories: DAIS, Vinar, Radar, RIK, CER, RaumPlan, rIstočar, FiVeR, PlantaRum, JDB, Jakov, RAF, GraFar, CHERRY, RIFDT) (repositories: RAI, PIMS, IMAGINE, RIMSI, ReFRI) (repositories: INTAM, REDUN, RIPEST, RITNMS, REPONIVS)

Any comments may be submitted through the repository feedback form.