Repositories are developed, hosted and maintained by the University of Belgrade Computer Centre (RCUB) according to Service Level Agreements (SLA) with repository owners (institutions).

SLA covers the following services:

  • Setting up a digital repository of publications and other research outputs scientific results
  • Continued technical maintenance and support

Setting up a repository

  • Setting up a technical environment for the operation of the repository
  • Installation of an operating system, database, and the DSpace software platform
  • Ensuring security preconditions for the operation of the repository
  • Defining the metadata set, defining item, collection and community views, as well as search and browsing functionalities;
  • Setting up back-end pages: metadata input forms; enabling editing of editing items, collections and communities; enabling usage statistics, etc.
  • Defining user interfaces: Serbian (Cyrillic and Latin) and English
  • Setting up the OAI-PMH interface and the integration with international aggregators
  • Customizing the repository for specific user needs and installing custom-made external applications (Ellena, APP, NomadLite, RM)
  • Customizing the repository interface in line with the visual identity of the repository owner
  • Defining the initial set of user groups and accounts, and setting up the necessary access privileges
  • Initial training of local repository managers and end users
  • Initial massive metadata input

Repository Maintenance

  • Administration of the OS, database and system software
  • System protection and security
  • Enabling the full functionality of the Repository
  • Repository platform administration
  • Ensuring the operation of all necessary functions
  • Further development and improvement of the repository
  • Adding and updating normative files (e.g. list of projects)
  • Enabling new metadata fields, if required
  • Technical support
  • Helpdesk telephone and email support 24/7
  • Professional assistance in using the repository
  • Automated monitoring of the repository operation
  • Regular backups
  • Support for long-term preservation