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Metadata inserted through the input form

Field Description Status DC mapping
Title The main title of the item.


  • Titles are preferably entered using the language and the alphabet of the publication. If a title has to be transliterated, follow a commonly used transliteration standard.
  • If a publication has a subtitle, provided it after the title (in the same field), separated by ":".
  • If available in multiple languages, it is recommended that all be provided.
  • If a publication does not have a title in English, do not enter a free translation in the Title field.
  • Avoid generic titles for non-publication materials. Titles should be descriptive and specific. Provide a title in English! You may add titles in as many other languages as you wish.
mandatory, repeatable dc.title
Author Names of the primary authors of the item in the format surname comma any other name(s).


  • The order of the authors in the repository should follow their order in the publication.
  • Make a distinction between the authors and contributors!
  • Author names are preferably entered using the language and the alphabet of the publication.
  • Upon deposition, a unique alphanumerical string is assigned to each author. In case the author does not have an ORCID profile, all occurrences of the name in the repository should be assigned the same alphanumerical string using Ellena. In case an author has an ORCID profile, the random string should be replaced in Ellena with the ORCID iD in the format orcid::xxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx. Using the Look up feature (choosing names from the list of names already available in the repository) is recommended during the input phase.

In case a name in the publication is incorrect, enter the correct form in the repository and make a note in the Note field indicating the error in the publication.

mandatory if applicable, repeatable dc.creator
Contributor All types of contributors and secondary authors (including editors, translators, etc.)

Guidance: See under Author. The field should contain names only. Do not indicate the role, e.g. "(ed.)"

mandatory if applicable, repeatable dc.contributor
Source and/or provenance Source publication or collection

Guidance: Provide the title of the source publication or collection (if applicable, for non-publication content types). Follow the guidance for the Title field. If a publication is part of a monographic series, do not use this field for the series title!

mandatory if applicable, non-repeatable dc.source
Publication date The year when the resource was published/issued

Guidance: Preferred format: YYYY. This is a sort field in APP. If relevant, full dates should be provided in dc.date.created.

mandatory, non-repeatable dc.date.issued
Creation date The date when the resource was created. For publications is is usually tot necessary to provide this information.

Guidance: Preferred format: YYYY-MM-DD.

mandatory if applicable, non-repeatable dc.date.issued
Volume/issue, pagination For journal articles and contributions to periodical


  • Preferably, digits only.
  • Do not use brackets or abbreviations such as "pp", "str.", etc.
  • The volume of a multi-volume book should not be indicated in dc.citation.volume. It should be integrated in the title of the work.
mandatory if applicable, repeatable
  • dc.citation.volume
  • dc.citation.issue
  • dc.citation.spage
  • dc.citation.epage
Identifiers Various identifiers. DOI, ISBN, ISSN, ISMN should be provided if available. Scopus and the Web of Science identifiers are usually assigned by repository managers through NomadLite


  • Required DOI format: "prefix/suffix"; htts://doi.org will be added automatically to create a link.
  • ISBN is acceptable both with and without dashes.
  • Required format for ISSN: "XXXX-XXXX"
  • URIs may change. If a DOI or other PID is available, URI is not necessary.
mandatory if applicable, repeatable
  • dc.identifier.doi
  • dc.identifier.isbn
  • dc.identifier.issn
  • dc.identifier.ismn
  • dc.identifier.uri
  • dc.identifier.scopus
  • dc.identifier.wos
  • dc.identifier.pmid
Funding information Sponsors and funding that supported the work behind the submission.


  • This information is normally stored as a structured string in line with OpenAIRE semantics.
  • Use this list to find relevant strings; copy the content of the tag project relation (between quotation marks) from the list and paste it into the field. The list covers all FP7, Horizon 2020 and Horizon Europe projects in which institutions from Serbia are represented, institutional funding by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development of the (MESTD), projects funded by MESTD (2006–2010, 2011–2019), and the projects funded by the Fund for Science of the Republic of Serbia.
  • If a relevant string cannot be found in the list, enter the funding information as free text.
mandatory if applicable, repeatable dc.relation
Content language Language of the resource.


  • Select a language from the drop-down list. Multiple languages may be selected, if necessary.
  • This field indicates the language of the content, not of the matadata.
mandatory, repeatable, controlled dc.language.iso
Content type Type of the resource


mandatory, non-repeatable, controlled dc.type
Content version Version of the resource (draft, submitted, accepted, published, corrected)


mandatory, non-repeatable, controlled dc.type.version
Description Description of the resource


  • Although DSpace searches not only the metadata, but also the text extracted from bitstreams (if available), it is highly recommended to provide a description of the resource and its content.
  • It is recommended to provide at least a brief description in English, as this improves the discoverability of the content in international aggregators and search engines.
  • Descriptions are particularly important for non-publication types of content!
recommended, repeatable dc.description.abstract
Subject Free-style keywords.


  • May be submitted in any language and alphabet.
  • It is recommended to provide basic keywords in English as well, as this improves the discoverability of the content.
  • Keywords are particularly important for non-publication types of content!
  • Subject controlled vocabularies are currently not implemented in the repository but users are encouraged to define keywords relying on controlled vocabulariies relevant for their discipline.
recommended, repeatable dc.subject
Publisher Name of the organization(s) or entities which published the deposited item or were responsible for its production.


  • Preferred format for publication publishers: "City : Publisher name"
recommended, repeatable dc.publisher
Note Any annotation or comment


  • Use this field to provide any additional information you may consider relevant.
  • This field supports interactive links. To create a link, wrap an URL in square brackets.
  • No more than one link per field is supported.
  • Preferably, human-readable information about related records is placed in this field.
  • Information avout the title of a monographic series can be plaed in this field.
optional, repeatable dc.description.other
Access level The access to the resouurce in the repository


mandatory, non-repeatable dc.rights
License The license under which the resource (bitstream) is distributed. A Creative Commons license or All rights reserved should be selected from the drop-down list. If required by the Designated Community, other licences may also be supported. There are no technical limitations in this respect.
  • Creative Commons licences apply to the Open Access content.
  • If a work is published under a CC licence, the same licence should be used in the repository.
  • If a licence is not indicated in the publication and the author has retained copyright, the author is encouraged to use an open licence.
  • Before depositing resources in the repository, depositors are required to clear possible copyright, privacy, data protection and other issues with their institutions, collaborators, funders and all relevant stakeholders.
mandatory, non-repeatable dc.rights.license
Copyright holder The name of the person or entity holding the copyright. optional, repeatable dc.rights.holder
Embargo end date The date when the resource will be automatically made publicly available.

Guidance: In case there is no embargo, this date will be automatically generated and will be the same as the Accession date. In case there is an embargo, the depositor should indicate the embargo end date in the appropriate field (by marking it in the calendar) immediately after uploading the file.

optional, non-repeatable dc.date.available

Metadata created automatically upon item publication

Field Description Status DC mapping
Accession date The date when the items is accessioned in the repository, in the format YYYY-MM-DD mandatory, non-repeatable dc.date.accessioned
Provenance and changes to the record This field records an administrative event in the lifecycle of the item in the repository. The infomation is accessible to repository managers. mandatory, repeatable dc.description.provenance
URI Permanent URL to the item landing page. It is displayed as an interactive link on the item page. mandatory, non-repeatable dc.identifier.uri
Resource URL URL to the resource (bitstream). Created only if the resource is publicly available in the form of an interactive link opening the bitstream / data file. mandatory if applicable, non-repeatable dc.identifier.fulltext
Handle - persistent identifier Unique and persistent Handle URL to the item landing page. Created automatically for all deposited items, excepts those that already have a Handle (e.g items imported from another repository using Handles). mandatory, non-repeatable dc.identifier.rcub
Licence URI URL to the licence website, generated automatically for Creative Commons licences based on the information provided in the field dc.rights.license. In case all rights are reserved, the URL will not be generated. mandatory if applicable, non-repeatable dc.rights.uri

Metadata added by repository managers (if applicable)

Field Description Status DC mapping
Link to a different version of the resource DOI, other PID or URI of a different version of the resource.

Guidance: This field is used when multiple versions of the same resource are available, e.g. a preprint is published on a preprint server, or both the Version of Record and the Author Accepted Manuscript are deposited in the repository. In the former case, the PID in the form of an interactive link should be pasted in this field. In the latter case, the handle of the other version (in the form of an interactive link) should be provided.

recommended, repeatable dc.relation.isversionof
Link to related materials DOI, other PID or URI of any supplementary materials, research data related to the resource (e.g. research data related to a published article), errata, etc.

Guidance: This field is used when various types of mutually related materials are available in the repository. To establish links among two records containing such materials, paste the PIDs of the related materials in this fiels. For example, to connect a record containing data related to a publication with the publication record, paste the handle (as an interactive link) of the data record in the field dc.relation.isreferencedby in the publication record, and vice versa. If a publication has a DOI, then both the publication's handle (from the repository) and DOI shpuld be added (the field is repeatable).

recommended, repeatable dc.relation.isreferencedby
Link to a related resource in which the described resource is physically or logically included DOI, other PID or URI of the related resource.

Guidance: This field is used when e.g. both the book and one or more chapters contained in it are available n the repository. In this case, the handle of the book record should be provided (as an interactive link) in this field. The same applies to any other collection and its parts.

recommended, repeatable dc.relation.ispartof